Acciaierie Sicilia, alarming signs for the future

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CATANIA – “What is happening in the context of Acciaierie di Sicilia, with the work now almost at a standstill and the staff in solidarity, is truly alarming for the future of a company so important for the economy and employment of our territory .
For this we call for an urgent intervention by the national and regional government ”.
This was stated by Angelo Mazzeo, secretary of Ugl Metalmeccanici of Catania, asking for signs of attention from Rome and Palermo for the company.
“In recent days I had the opportunity to meet some workers who have expressed concern about the situation that does not promise anything good at all – explains Mazzeo – to the already well-known problem linked to the exponential increase in costs for energy supply.
criticality in reference to the market which caused a heavy slowdown in the entire production and commercial chain of our country.
The warehouses of the Catania plant of the steel chain are full of finished products, many of which have already been booked, waiting to be stored.
Consequently – adds the trade unionist – with saturated spaces, it becomes complicated to produce more material and in the last few weeks a group of operators has been called back to service in the factory only when it was necessary.
For the rest, solidarity was activated which translates into a monthly salary now reduced to just over 50% of the normal salary “.

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