Abusive nursing home and "abandoned" elderly, kidnapping takes place in Catania


A nursing home for the elderly run by a man and a woman was seized by the carabinieri of Catania Ognina and the two were reported for abandonment of an incapacitated person. It's about G.N. 73 years old and the woman B.G. of 60.

The military, assisted by the inspection staff of the Municipality and the Provincial Health Authority, carried out an administrative and hygienic sanitary check at an apartment used as a "rest home for the elderly", inside a condominium of via Umberto.

In the structure, which did not present particular deficiencies in terms of sanitation, there were 10 elderly but the managers had no authorization to carry out the activity and they lacked the communication to the police authority regarding the people who were staying there.

The structure was also devoid of the formal organization chart which shows the possession of the professional, organizational and logistical requirements of the accommodation and the absence of the expected health or parasanitary personnel was noted.

During the inspection it emerged that the only operator present inside the nursing home was without the necessary qualifying requirements for the care of the guests present, thus determining their objective state of abandonment. In addition, the medicine storage cabinet was freely accessible to all the elderly.

The structure was previously seized and the elderly who did not find adequate accommodation with their relatives, were relocated to another accommodation facility through the intervention of the Asp of Catania.

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