Abusive discos: sanctioned and reported owners


The State Police, also during the last weekend, it carried out stringent checks on the places and places of youth entertainment, in order to curb the drifts towards dangerous forms of illegality.

The purpose of the police officers' activity was once again to protect the safety of young people who, often unconsciously, flock to places without the minimum safety requirements.

At the conclusion of a long series of checks, the most serious irregularities were recorded in a nightclub on Viale Lazio and in a room in Via Trapani.

In the first case, the policemen ascertained that an evening of dancing was in progress, in the presence of many patrons, results in a number far higher than the threshold of viability of the same which foresees a maximum limit of 150. Already an initial visual estimate, in fact , he suggested that there were many of …

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