Abandoned construction waste and bulky items in the streets of Lipari, photo traps installed.

Following the closure of the only center for the storage of inert waste in Lipari by the judicial authority, there has been a surge in abandoned and uncontrolled deposits of material, mostly from construction sites. In some scenic areas of the island, it has become a real mess. In the village of Vallone Bianco, in Quattropani, where the storage center was located before it was closed by the police due to illicit activities, a dump had already formed, obstructing traffic as well. In response to this growing problem, the municipal council led by Mayor Riccardo Gullo has issued a determination for the direct supply of four phototraps, necessary to combat illegal activities related to waste abandonment in Lipari. The mayor emphasized the need to equip the municipal police service with adequate equipment to combat illicit activities, including the abandonment of waste. He believes that investing in equipment such as mobile surveillance, commonly known as phototraps, will act as a deterrent to combat this ongoing problem.

Scarti dell’edilizia e ingombranti abbandonati in strada a Lipari, arrivano le fototrappole

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