Abandoned buildings in Viale Africa in Catania, Italy Viva: marginalization and decay

A real ghost complex that you have to admire every day on Viale Africa. A havoc and a deterioration that not only affects the former sulfur factory but also affects the other surrounding buildings. Hence the reporting of the Parent Company of “Italia Viva” in the municipality of “Picanello-Ognina-Barriera-Canalicchio” Andrea Cardello. “A few steps from the construction site for the birth of the judicial citadel there is a series of complexes that only in the eyes of an inattentive person can seem abandoned – says Cardello – in reality, once you have overcome the railings and tents, you enter another world made of marginalization and degradation. Among the scrub you can see mountains of rags and bivouacs of all kinds. Signs of a situation that can no longer be tolerated ”. A few years ago a large fire broke out in the former sulfur factory on Viale Africa. “Today we must prevent these episodes from happening again – continues Cardello – to do this, it is essential that the entire area be redeveloped and handed over to the city. What projects does the municipal administration have in the pipeline for this part of Viale Africa, which development scenarios (perhaps with the collaboration of private entrepreneurs) can be activated? Questions that citizens ask us continuously and that deserve adequate answers from the municipality ”.

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