Aba Catania and Peace sought in Milani’s Ubuntu

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A large influx of spectators for the magnificent exhibition, born from the idea of ​​one of the greatest graphic designers in the world, taking place in the Aula magna Nunzio Sciavarrello of the Via Franchetti headquarters of the Etna Academy.
Eighty formidable posters inspired by the most loved word by Mandela and Tutu and which defines a human sharing without any economic interest.
The works of international masters leave speechless, but also those of teachers and students from Catania.
The exhibition is open until June 30th

The eighty posters of international masters and students from Catania on display in the Ubuntu – I am because we are exhibition, inaugurated last Saturday in the Aula magna Nunzio Sciavarrello of the Via Franchetti di Aba, leave amazed by their strength.
Posters inspired by the most loved word by Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu and which defines a human sharing without any financial interest.

“Ubuntu – underlined the president of the Etna Academy, Lina Scalisi – is the sought-after Peace, of which we feel a great need, especially at this moment.
Armando Milani, one of the greatest designers in the world, creator of the exhibition, said he was fascinated by the concept expressed by this term of the language of the South African people Buntu and which indicates openness to others, dialogue, sharing, respect and tolerance “.

“The image of the poster I made for Ubuntu – said Milani, very much celebrated during the inauguration, holding the 3D reproduction in his hand – was born a few years ago: I was returning from Nice and, queuing for a taxi, in the rain , I saw a paper clip glistening on the ground, which I picked up and carried to my work table.
By dint of looking at it I got the idea of ​​putting a red heart inside it.
That’s why I always tell my students to look around, concentrate, observing what surrounds us “.

The latter, presented in 2018 in Milan, should have been exhibited in 2020 in the Accademia Etna.

“But Covid – recalled the director of Aba Catania Gianni Latino, co-curator of the exhibition – prevented us from doing so and we were forced to wait until today to see the idea of ​​this great master realized: in addition to inviting thirty graphic designers internationally renowned to create posters after a reflection on the concept of Ubuntu, it also allowed thirteen teachers of Graphic design and thirty-seven students of the two-year specialist course in Design for Publishing and Design of Visual Communication of our Academy, to contribute to the visual, graphic part “.

“I am a member – recalled Milani – of the Alliance Graphique Internationale and I have involved many colleagues.
With someone who is a friend, Francesco Dondina, I made the first exhibition, in Milan, and then we took it to Madrid.
And now he leaves Catania and starts shooting again ”.

“Our students – concluded Latino – welcomed with extraordinary enthusiasm the opportunity to express themselves in such a qualified context given to them by Milani.
Who repeated to them how even a single poster capable of touching the heart could change the world.
And these posters have a single thread: the sentiment of humanity, Ubuntu, which has peace as its goal and humanitarian interventions as its instrument ”.

The exhibition will remain open until Thursday 30 June.


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