AAA looking for new games for Villa Mazzini the notice of the Municipality is online. Here’s what will be there

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A ship, a crocodile-shaped swing, a spring turtle: these are some of the gods games for children present in the list prepared by the Municipality of Messina which, in the past few hours, has given way to the notice of expression of interest for the supply of rides for Villa Mazzini. The amount based on the tender is 39,000.00 euros.
Let’s see the times and the “shopping list” of Palazzo Zanca.

Online on the procurement portal of the Municipality of Messina the “Notice for the identification of economic operators to be invited to the award procedure” for the supply of children’s games to be placed at Villa Mazzini.
In fact, once the works and the cleaning interventions have been completed, Palazzo Zanca is almost ready to reopen what was once considered the “garden” of the city center.
The procedure was opened on July 13 and will close tomorrow, July 16.
It is, for the moment, amarket survey aimed at acquiring expressions of interest by companies wishing to participate in the supply award procedure.

But, technical and bureaucratic details aside, what exactly is the Municipality of Messina looking for for the children who are going to spend some free time in the Villa Mazzini? The list, quite precise, tells us: one ship turret with double slide; of the spring games, one in the shape of a fish, one in the shape of a seal, one in the shape of a ship and one in the shape of a turtle.
In addition, materials are needed, an anti-trauma plate, red granule for the construction of the curbs, a polyurethane resin for the construction of the flooring and glue.
In addition, the company will also have to provide for the assembly.

L’tender based amount, it was said, net of VAT, it is estimated at 39,000.00 euros, of which the cost of security equal to 2% not subject to a reduction of the auction for 764.70 euros, excluding VAT.
The contract is subject to the obligations regarding the traceability of financial flows.
The award criterion is that of the lowest price.
The expression of interest must be sent by 13.00 on 16 July 2022.
delivery of the games and materials must be performed within one day of the order and on assembly completed in a workmanlike manner within three days of delivery.

The full notice is available at this link (or here).

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