a super Corbett knocks down Cento • First Page Trapani

Trapani plays the fourth game of the second phase of the Serie A2 championship finding the fourth consecutive affirmation. The grenades, already certain of the play-offs, take the field with Miller, Corbett, Renzi, Palermo and Spizzichini. Cento responds with Peric, Petrovic, Gasparin, Jurkatamm and Moreno. Problems for Trapani with Erkmaa, Tartamella and Mollura out and Miller in half service. The first quarter sees Trapani bombing from 3 points with five triples scored in the first ten minutes, which the grenade thanks to Corbett and Renzi close ahead 23-14.

Cento tries to resist with Leonzio, Cotton and Ranuzzi, immediately returning to 21-23 at the beginning of the second period. Miller and Corbett are not there and send the hosts back: 34-41 at 20 ‘. At the second half, 2B Control tries to run away on +12 (39-51 at 26 ‘) thanks to Corbett, Miller, Spizzichini and Palermo. Tiredness, a blow that puts Miller out for a few minutes and the rotations reduced to a flicker allow Cento to place a 13-2 run by Moreno-Gasparin and return to 52-55 at 30 ‘.

The pride of Parente’s boys is stronger than bad luck and Trapani scores 10-0 with the bomb of a great Corbett, two points on the counterattack by Tommy Pianegonda and six by Renzi: 52-65 in the 34th minute. Peric and Gasparin do not give up, the grenades are exhausted: 59-65 at 37 ‘. Captain Andrea Renzi takes care of putting an end to the match with another 4 points that are worth 59-69 with 100 seconds from the end. Cento tries two bombs but it’s too late. After a few laps from the line, Trapani wins 69-76.

Corbett 32, Renzi 22, Miller 11 + 12 rebounds.

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