A street in Palermo named after ‘Giornale L’Ora’


This morning there was the dedication ceremony of via “Giornale L'Ora”, in the name of the newspaper that had its own editorial staff there for decades, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the death of Vittorio Nisticò, historical director of the magazine, also with the affixing of a commemorative plaque commemorating the three reporters killed by the mafia: Mauro De Mauro, Cosimo Cristina and Giovanni Spampinato and the Mafia attack that in 1958 hit the typography. The ceremony included the widow of Nisticò and Marcello Sorgi, president of the "Committee of former journalists of the Hour". For mayor Leoluca Orlando, "today the city expresses gratitude and makes memory for a newspaper that for over ninety years has accompanied the life of the city; a newspaper an expression of commitment of private individuals such as the Di Rudinì, the Florio and the Pecoraino and great journalists in difficult times until the last years of the last century ”. "…

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