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A specialist outpatient clinic managed by CISOM arrives at the Mission of Biagio Conte, the signature at the Archbishop’s Palace in Palermo – Esperonews: Giornale Termini Cefalù Madonie

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Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta – CISOM, the Archdiocese of Palermo and the Mission of Hope and Charity sign a protocol for the support of people in need and in conditions of vulnerability for the social, health and welfare aspects.

CISOM, (Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta) has been assisting and helping the Italian population for over 50 years, its history is dotted with missions, interventions, small and large gestures of solidarity and concrete help to people affected by natural disasters or personal moments of difficulty.
On April 7, 2022 at 09:00 in Palermo, at the Archbishop’s Palace, a memorandum of understanding will be signed between: CISOM, Archdiocese of Palermo and Mission of Hope and Charity, the center founded by the Palermo missionary Biagio Conte.
The protocol provides for the construction at the headquarters in Via dei decollati 29, of reception and rescue facilities aimed at the most fragile sections of the population: migrants, the poor, the needy.
A real “specialist” outpatient clinic in which doctors (ophthalmologists, psychologists, cardiologists, etc.) will be present, CISOM volunteers who, in synergy and collaboration with the Archdiocese, Missions and institutions, will work to ensure health services basic, primary and multi-specialist care primarily in favor of subjects in a severe state of socio-economic-health distress and at significant risk of marginalization.

CISOM will make available to the Mission its know-how gained over years of experience in rescuing migrants and welcoming the most needy, also thanks to the professionalism present on the regional territory.

“Parts – the protocol reads – undertake, in the awareness of the common charitable and solidarity nature, to take initiatives, aimed at the realization of any activity deemed useful for the support and implementation of a support and assistance system in favor of subjects in conditions of marginality and socio-economic fragility – health, possibly also in agreement with the other institutions present in the area “.
The signature, which will be affixed on Thursday 7 April 2022, intends to implement synergies and agreements aimed at the concrete realization of common ideas aimed at pursuing the “Good” in all its forms to ensure the recovery of the dignity of a human being, physical and mental well-being , spiritual without any distinction of gender, religion, age and social status.

To sign the protocol will be present: the National President of the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta – CISOM, Cav.
Gerardo Solaro del Borgo, the Archbishop of Palermo, HE Mons.
Corrado Lorefice and Don Giuseppe Vitrano, Director of the Mission of Hope and Charity Onlus.