A sirocco room in the historic Alliata residence of Villafranca: tour to Villa Naselli

The Scirocco Chamber of Villa Naselli of the Dukes of Gela: visits to the subsoil of the complex that belonged to the Alliata di Villafranca (via Ambleri 52). Ticket 10 euros (children 5/10 years 5 euros). Visits: 5, 6 and 7 pm. Info: eventi@terradamare.org.

Together with Terradamare, it will be possible to visit the Scirocco Room of Villa Naselli di Gela, a complex of underground rooms that develops under the garden of the sixteenth-century house. During the visits, conducted by the Naselli counts, current owners and custodians of the complex that belonged to the Alliata di Villafranca, we will admire the courtyard of the villa and the Renaissance Scirocco Room, known for the memories of the parties organized as early as the seventeenth century, among the Palermo nobility. To participate in the event it is necessary to purchase tickets via the Terradamare page.

The Scirocco Room of Villa Naselli di Gela in Palermo

The villa is located not far from the historic center of Palermo, in the old peasant village of Villagrazia (between Guadagna and Altofonte). It is also known as Naselli – Ambleri due to a water source known since the time of the Arabs. The villa complex, of very ancient origin, belonged to the Alliata di Villafranca (from the fifteenth century) and then in the eighteenth century came to the Naselli counts of the dukes of Gela, who are still owners and custodians.

After crossing the seventeenth-century portal, the fortified structure of the baglio takes you back to a timeless space, a pleasant country house with the manor house, the defense tower, the old stables and warehouses, the chapel. The surrounding environment has fortunately remained intact and the villa is still surrounded by its citrus grove. However, Villa Naselli is known for its Renaissance Scirocco Room, unique in its kind, a place to spend time with friends and relatives on the hottest days of the summer.

The complex of underground rooms develops under the garden of the house and has remained unchanged in its five hundred years. The description given by the gentleman Vincenzo Di Giovanni in his Palermo Restaurato of 1613 is still faithful today. But the fame of this Chamber, both past and present, is linked to the extravagant character of cav. Giovan Battista Agliata, who used to give celebrations in these environments whose guests were representatives of the highest nobility of the time

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