“A piece of our family is gone”

Editorial team 06 September 2021 13:56

The university mourns the death of Licia Trapani, a technical-administrative employee at the University’s Law Department, crushed in recent days by an incurable disease at the age of 49. This is the letter written by the well-known professor Giovanni Fiandaca, full professor of criminal law, in memory of the employee who has just passed away: “It is not easy to outline the professional and human profile of Licia Trapani with a minimum of detachment. age (49 years) in which death appears even more meaningless and, therefore, more unjust. My work experience with Mrs. Trapani, which lasted for quite a few years until my retirement, was occasioned by the creation of the Dems Department, to whose birth I had personally contributed. It is in this new departmental context that I was able to experience and appreciate the professional qualities of Licia Trapani, to whom I had soon requested to carry out her functional activities above all in support, on the one hand, of my intense activity of scholar and teacher and, on the other hand, of my role as department director (so as to be able to also be helped to remedy some of my deficiencies on the double level of the tangled thicket of administrative regulations and of IT competence). So, I would say that his professionalism had in my eyes been specifying and deepening precisely in the form of support and collaboration with respect to my activity both as a scholar and as a director “. “Due to this prevalent orientation of her professionalism, she was subsequently destined to operate in the organization of law teaching, a sector in which she was further appreciated by other colleagues and teaching staff. But there is another a side that I cannot neglect and which concerns the overall personality of Licia Trapani, her human profile, characterized by frankness, authenticity, moral cleanliness, amiability, as such, alien to careeristic cravings and opportunistic attitudes. Thanks to these characteristics, and to an end sensitivity that also led her to love literature and to privilege poetry books in particular, Licia had contributed to nurturing a climate of mutual affection and empathy within the criminal law section of the Dems: she too ended up sharing, but also stimulating that predominantly informal style of personal relationships, the wholesome one tilts action – also made up of a joking ‘babbìo’ – not to take academic rituals too seriously with the connected vices and habits that have characterized the family of criminal scholars working in Political Sciences. Precisely because Licia Trapani had become an integral part of this family, her death represents a serious and very painful mutilation for all the professors of the group – and for the entire University “. A note written by the offices of Viale delle Scienze reads: “We express our deepest condolences for the disappearance of Licia Trapani”. “She will be remembered with affection – say her colleagues and teachers – as well as for her fairness and dedication to work, for her sunny character and her engaging smile”.

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