A painting course in visionary art with Ainhoa ​​Neith at Palazzo Valguarnera dei Marche di Santa Lucia

A five-day experience to explore the personal creative spirit, in a site of great beauty, in the heart of the historic center of Palermo. Palazzo Valguarnera dei Marchesi di Santa Lucia will host the “Painting course in visionary art”: one of the next cultural initiatives scheduled in the structure reopened to the public last September 30, after long restoration and redevelopment interventions. An opportunity to study and deepen the ancestral techniques handed down by the great masters. Participants will learn how to prepare the alchemical compositions of tempera oil, and the materials themselves to create their own works of art. To guide them, will be Ainhoa ​​Neith , surrealist teacher and artist born in Spain but raised in Italy. The students, step by step, will be led to discover the grisaille technique using the mischtechnik , that is the mixed technique, brought to light by the master Ernst Fuchs of the Academy of Fantastic Realism in Vienna and used in the Visionary Art movement, a European artistic current that draws inspiration from symbolism, surrealism and psychedelic art. At the time of enrollment, the student will receive a preparatory document for their pictorial composition. For information, you can contact the number 388. 7243061.