A nurse and a security guard at the children’s hospital are attacked, the unions protest

Yet another attack yesterday in the emergency room of the children’s hospital against health workers. The Nursind trade union denounces it, calling for urgent interventions to strengthen the personnel and safety of the department. The doctors say that yesterday the mother of a child who was about to be examined grabbed a nurse by the neck and slammed her against the wall, while her husband threw himself at the security guard. “It is the fifth case of documented aggression since Natale – tell Aurelio Guerriero, Nursind Palermo territorial secretary and Giampiero Buglisi, company secretary – the situation is explosive, during the holidays there is an overcrowding index of 400 per cent, that is, there is a users four times larger than the one that could be accommodated in the ward. Colleagues go to work every morning terrified by this overcrowding situation, which in any case affects all the emergency rooms in the city. We need more personnel and we need more security personnel, the company must intervene to find a solution. Assaults are now the order of the day and during the holidays they are increasingly frequent. Just a few days ago some relatives of a patient climbed the fire escape to go and greet a mother with her hospitalized child, and only because a nurse called them back did they attack him. We cannot continue working in these conditions, there is the fear that sooner or later there will be tragic consequences”.

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