A nine-month pregnant woman was stealing from a construction site. Caught by the military of the weapon along with two accomplices


A very singular group of criminals. In fact, there was also one of them a 28 year old female pregnant in the ninth month of pregnancy. The facts are reconstructed by the weapon's military, who arrested three people on charges of proven theft. Between them Domenico Calogero, 48, e Paolo Cassone, 41 years old. The first is already subject to the obligation to stay in the Municipality of Catania.

In the target was finished a construction site in the territory of Mascalucia. It was one that attracted the military around five in the morning Fiat Stilo, parked near the work area. The criminals had managed to sneak in after cutting the safety net. Inside they were already selecting some materials to take away, including 20 construction scaffolding already stacked and various work tools. The material has been returned …

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