a “new” room of Hercules, more technological and Covid-proof, awaits the deputies

Editorial team 13 September 2021 19:49

Share Holidays over for the deputies of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. Although some commissions have already resumed meeting in no particular order, the first session has been officially convened for Wednesday 15 September. The Chamber, therefore, will meet again after more than a month and a half, since the last session dates back to 29 July. A more technological and anti-Covid-friendly Hall of Hercules awaits the Sicilian parliamentarians. Stop the speeches from the pulpit and no more gatherings for the writing and presentation of amendments during the sessions. During the summer break, in fact, all the stations in the Chamber were equipped with a microphone, so that each member of parliament will be able to speak directly from their seat, as already happens, for example, in Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama. In addition, a tablet will be installed in each station which will be used by MEPs to write and send amendments. An initiative that would have the purpose of preventing the gatherings that are created every time you have to intervene on the text of a bill and not having to incur the usual routine of sheets written in pen and photocopies transferred from hand to hand. Therefore, the modernization works that have affected the Palace for the entire month of August are starting. For which, among other things, it was not possible, during the month of August, to bring together the regional parliament, as had been requested by many political forces, to face with an extraordinary session the serious emergencies that have invested Sicily in the recent weeks: the fires and the new wave of Covid. The agenda of the first session is substantial: it ranges from the final vote for the laws on off-balance sheet debts to the discussion of the reforms of Irsap, the regional institute for the development of productive activities, and waste. The latter has been waiting for a very long time now. One thing is certain: the spotlight is already on the budget and financial, the last of this legislature. A note from the Department of Economy announced a few days ago that the government has already started working on their preparation and presentation to the regional parliament. It will be at that point, with the accounting documents to be approved (in theory) by 31 December, that the knots of this legislature will come to a head, with the political forces that will have to “count”. A first taste of the electoral campaign that awaits us in the next 2022.

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