a new dead and three people hospitalized

Editorial staff 16 September 2021 12:36

Share The pressure of the contagion in the province of Agrigento is eased, but paradoxically the deaths from Covid-19 do not stop. To say it is the new bulletin of the ASP of Agrigento: in the report, in fact, in the face of only 19 positive and 127 recovered, a new victim is also indicated, who is originally from Raffadali. Three, however, the new hospitalized. The situation in hospitals There are 31 (-8) hospitalizations in ordinary / sub-intensive hospitalization. Of these, 19 (-2) are located at the “San Giovanni di Dio” in Agrigento and 6 (-6) at the “Fratelli Parlapiano” in Ribera. On the other hand, 6 (stable data) are hospitalized in hospitals outside the province. At the moment, the Covid intensive care remains empty both in Ribera and Agrigento and Sciacca. There are 2 (stable data) patients who are in lowcare facilities: one at the Covid hotel in Canicattì (formerly Ipab) and another in a facility outside the province. There are also 6 (-2) non-resident patients admitted to agrigentine facilities and not included in the total. Data Municipality by Municipality Agrigento: 111 positives (- 11) of which 11 migrants ( 2) isolated from a community; Aragona: 5 (stable data); Bivona, 1 (stable); Caltabellotta: 3 (stable); Camastra: 1 (stable); Cammarata: 4 (stable); Campobello di Licata: 15 (-3); Canicattì: 112 (-6); Casteltermini: 13 (stable) of which 13 (stable data) are migrants in isolation in a reception facility; Castrofilippo: 4 (stable data); Cattolica Eraclea: 1 (stable figure); Cianciana: 2 (stable data); Favara: 72 (-12); Caves: 2 (-1); Licata: 148 (-39); Menfi: 21 (-4); Montallegro: 2 (-1); Montevago: 2 (stable); Naro: 9 (stable); Palma di Montechiaro: 61 (-9); Porto Empedocle: 53 (-2); Racalmuto: 13 (-1); Raffadali: 22 (-6); Ravanusa: 14 (-6); Realmonte: 13 ( 1); Ribera: 21 (-9); Sambuca di Sicilia: 1 (stable); Sant’Angelo Muxaro: 1 (stable); San Biagio Platani: 5 (stable); San Giovanni Gemini: 7 (stable); St. Elizabeth: 5 (-3); Santa Margherita di Belìce: 2 (stable); Sciacca: 25 (-6); Siculiana: 31 (-3) with 24 migrants (stable data) infected and isolated at “Villa Sikania”. “Covid free” are Alessandria della Rocca, Burgio, Comitini, Calamonaci, Lucca Sicula, Joppolo Giancaxio, Santo Stefano Quisquina and Villafranca Sicula. On the other hand, 33 migrants are currently in quarantine on migrant reception ships.

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