“A new day” as actors for the young prisoners of Palermo

Appointment next Sunday at 18: 30 at the Politeama Theater Garibaldi of Palermo, made available by the mayor, Leoluca Orlando. Many young people on stage followed by the Odv “A new day”

The Volunteer Organization “A new day”, in collaboration with the association “helpAmoilBurundi” has promoted a charity event to start “La Locanda della Sweeper” .

Appointment next Sunday at 18: 30 at Teatro Politeama Garibaldi of Palermo, made available by the mayor, Leoluca Orlando .

The “special” correspondent, in Sicily, of Striscia la Notizia , Stefania Petix and the dachshund , will be the special guests of the evening who, from the armchairs of the “Politeama”, will not hesitate to applaud the “special” protagonists of the theatrical representation, staged and directed by Giangrazia Calì .

It is “ Romeo and Juliet … a never ending story “, interpreted by the inmates followed by the ODV, led by Antonella Macaluso , who are looking for “a new day”.

Calì and Macaluso have been dealing with social theater for years, in different fields (school and prison), “we use the arts of the theater as a treatment pedagogical tool”, the two friends declare.

Donations from guests will contribute to start up the start-up “Inclusione a 360 °”, a bar food run by former prisoners that will be launched in Palermo in via Calcante ( Marinella), in rooms donated by Mother Antonina Cataldo , of the Missionary Sisters of Mercy of Carini.

“La locanda” was designed to give hope to inmates, subjected to alternative measures, who, leaving the prison circuit, will have the opportunity to overcome difficulties and prejudices, thus find a job opportunity and get back into the game.

The ODV has an agreement with various Sicilian penitentiary institutes and has also made it available in other Regions.

Several inmates who obtain the Hospitality Diploma in prison, at the “Locanda della scavina”, will have the opportunity to experience in the field what they have learned in the classroom.

“We are people like everyone else, we are not different to anyone. In life you can change “, says Nicolò Brunetti , inmate and actor in the musical.

Another artist, at the microphone of, is Tony Di Betta , who is following an intense rehabilitation rite. «I want to face life differently – Di Betta affirms – with another perspective. Thanks to Dr. Macaluso, our second mother, we came out of prison and were included in a rehabilitation program “.

The other “privileged” of the rehabilitation program is Cristian Monte .

«I was under house arrest and for two years I asked the lawyer to be employed in socially useful jobs. The lawyer found none. – he says – I searched the internet and found it. I talked to Dr. Macaluso and within a week, after two years of “house arrest”, I started this new path, which allowed me to start my life all over again “.

The director of the musical, who is also the artistic director, has entrusted Monte with the part of William Shakespeare . In costume, like all actors, he will read a few passages from the tragedy.

The rehabilitation experience, among many others, through the theater, is also being done by Giuseppe Rubbio, Alessandro Longo and Francesco Calascibetta .

Rubbio tells us about other workshops, ceramics and tailoring. “Thanks to the rehabilitation programs we have learned a lot”, they tell us.

To participate in the charity evening, contact 3334544594 or the 3296511408.

To contribute, remotely, to the start-up, simply make a transfer in favor of the ODV “Un Nuovo Giorno”, through Banca Etica to the following Iban: IT 90 B 0501804600000016798217

Vincenzo Lapunzina