“A new and modern railway between Agrigento and Trapani”

The appeal of Municipalities, Bodies and Associations united in the Committee for the “Agrigento-Sciacca-Trapani Railway”. The new railway would connect the centers of Agrigento, Realmonte / Siculiana, Montallegro / Cattolica, Ribera, Sciacca and Menfi with Castelvetrano and therefore the city of Trapani

A new and modern railway that connects Agrigento and Trapani. This is what they propose in a letter sent, among others, to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Enrico Giovannini, and to the President of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci, Municipalities, Bodies and Association of the territory united in the “Committee for the Agrigento-Sciacca Railway – Drills “. The proposal is to include the project within the National Plan for Rebirth and Resilience, using the measures provided for in the Recovery Plan or, in any case, to plan its reconstruction.

“The provinces of Agrigento and Trapani – the letter reads – they are the only two in Italy that are not connected to each other by the railway network. Until 1985 a narrow gauge line was active that connected the two centers, which was suspended with the promise, by the competent authorities, of its transformation to normal gauge. Reconstruction, unfortunately, never carried out, indeed: with the ministerial decree n. 08T of 14 March 2004 issued by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, the old railway was definitively abolished and, even today, it is in the process of being sold. Furthermore, considering that the latest European directives on transport indicate that by 2030, 30% of road transport to pass by rail, Sicily and in particular the provinces of Agrigento and Trapani cannot miss this opportunity for economic and tourist development “.

“The mayors, the signatory bodies and associations – the letter continues – propose the construction of a new ordinary gauge railway line to connect the centers of Agrigento, Realmonte / Siculiana, Montallegro / Cattolica, Ribera, Sciacca and Menfi with Castelvetrano and therefore the city of Trapani, following a coastal path and reusing, where possible, portions of existing railway infrastructures, especially the tunnels, in order to reduce the costs of the work and recover works of art now abandoned to decay ”.

The letter ends with the invitation to the Deputations of Agrigento and Trapani “to interpret the request coming from the territory and promote all the necessary actions for its acceptance.


The letter is signed by:

Municipality of Agrigento -Mayor Francesco Miccichè; Municipality of Sciacca – Mayor Francesca Valenti; Municipality of Ribera – Mayor Matteo Ruvolo; Municipality of Menfi – Mayor Marilena Mauceri; Municipality of Montallegro – Deputy Mayor Salvatore Iatì; Municipality of Realmonte – Mayor Sabrina Lattuca; Municipality of Siculiana – Mayor Giuseppe Zambiente; TRENODOC Association Palermo – the President Daniele Fucarino; Kaos Railways Association – Agrigento – The President Mauro Indelicato; Sicilian Railways Association – Messina – The President Roberto Copia; Italian Environment Fund – The head of the delegation from Agrigento Giuseppe Taibi; Italian Environment Fund – The head of the Trapani delegation Nicola Adragna; Legambiente Sicily – President Gianfranco Zanna; Legambiente Rabat club – Agrigento – the President Daniele Gucciardo; Legambiente club “Nautilus” Trapani-Erice – President Enzo Benigno Martinez; Legambiente Valle del Belice Salaparuta – President Valentina Caradonna; Legambiente Circolo Marsala – President Letizia Pipitone; Legambiente Circolo Fata Morgana Mazara del Vallo – President Francesco Sferlazzo; Legambiente “Crìmiso” Castelvetrano – President Giuseppe Salluzzo; Sicily Region Administrators Committee – the Secretary Gianfranco Gentile; Order of Architects of Agrigento – President Alfonso Cimino; CGIL Agrigento – The Provincial Secretary Alfonso Buscemi; CISL Agrigento – Caltanissetta – Enna – The Secretary Emanuele Piraino; UIL Agrigento – The provincial secretary Gero Purchase; WWF Sicily Mediterranean Area ODV – President Giuseppe Mazzotta; Maria Iacono – former member of the Chamber; LegaCOOP Western SicilyDomenico Pistone; Confcommercio – Agrigento – The President Alfonso Valenza; Naval League section Sciacca – President Aldo Rossi; AEL Association – Agrigento – The President Calogero Grova; Association MOBILITY – Palermo – President Giulio Di Chiara; Association Archeoclub the places of Empedocle – President Angela Roberto; Association Mariterra – Porto Empedocle – The President Erika Zoppo; Association OltreVigata – Porto Empedocle – The President Danilo Verruso; Association Agrigento Trekking – President Marco Falzone; Association VISIT Agrigento – President Marcello Mira; Association VAL DI KAM – Manager Pierfilippo Spoto; Association Pro Loco of Agrigento – President Christian Vassallo; Association The Other Sciacca – President Pietro Mistretta; Association Italia Nostra Sciacca – President Umberto Marsala; Association Stop the platform Sciacca – President Mario Di Giovanna

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