A municipal employee’s car burns, it’s a mystery about the causes the investigation is open

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Burns the car, a Ford Fiesta, owned by a municipal employee.
It happened on the night between Friday and Saturday, in one of the side streets of Viale Pietro Nenni in Favara.
During the night, there was no intervention by the fire brigade, but the police from the town police came instead.
The causes of the fire, which inevitably damaged the subcompact, were not clear.
Investigators, yesterday morning, spoke of “cases under investigation”.
But the privileged investigative hypothesis seemed to be only one: the malicious one.

The soldiers of the Favara tenency, which are coordinated by the Agrigento company command, have, as an investigative procedure, heard the owner of the car, that is the forty-five-year-old municipal employee.
Dense, indeed categorical, is the reserve on any statements acquired by the Town Hall employee.
Neither investigators nor investigators have, in fact, leaked whether the owner of the Ford Fiesta may have had doubts or suspicions about someone or the nature of the initial spark.

Also in this case, always among the very first investigative steps, the carabinieri ascertained the possible presence of public or private video surveillance systems in the area where the fire developed or in the immediate vicinity.
Favara, however, lacks, and has emerged once again, of public video surveillance systems.
And near where the fire broke out there were not even private cameras, placed to guard commercial businesses.
The damage that the forty-five-year-old municipal employee has suffered has not been quantified, it was not yesterday, and is in any case not covered by any insurance policy.
It will be up to the investigation, of course, to clarify what triggered the fire.

News from Sicily 2022-07-03 08:23:00

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