"A Midsummer Night's Dream", Italian Ferragosto at the Costa Ponente


Event location: Costa Ponente Nautical Club Via Giuseppe Pavone, 91

Event date: From 08/14/2019 to 08/14/2019 only today

Event cost: Various prices, see in the article

Here we are. On August 14, from 8 pm, on the hottest night of the summer, at the Costa Ponente, the nautical circle of Capo Gallo-Mondello, we celebrate the dream of a midsummer night with the "Italian Ferragosto".

A party in a dream location, by the sea in the nature reserve. We start with dinner on the lawn of the club upon reservation.


White prawn sushi, avocado and red Tropea onion marinated in lime

Swordfish cannolo with Buffalo Stracciatella and eggplant caviar

Squid Girella with salmon, pistachios and black pepper,

Smoked tuna carpaccio with cucumber tartare and cherry tomatoes and ginger mayonnaise


Shellfish risotto with courgette and zucchini flowers

Half busiate with amberjack ragu, tomatoes and bottarga,

Second and side dish:

Umbrella steak with zucchini pesto, mint and almonds

Potatoes sautéed in melted butter and herbs


Creamy mango with strawberry ice cream and pistachio crumble

Mineral water, wine.

Live concert Alex Angelica & band. Dj set, Mauriziotto, Guttuso, Alex Pavone. Dinner € 35 per person with wine. Entry after dinner € 10 with cons. alcoholic. Private tables € 15 per person with kit Absolut or moskovskaya vodka. Private tables 20 € per person with Kit Belvedere vodka.

Call or send sms for reservation Table Dinner, Privè or Lista:

Sergio Licata 3384334301

Dario Licata 3333220403

Alice 342 9007687

Franco Favarò 328.1632720

Fabio G 338 7381227

Luana 389 1623491

Francesco Zangara 335 6335545

Ivan Bruno 3331642376

Pietro Siragusa 3246009538

Daniela De Santis 3287417686

Alex Trimarchi. 3396244537

Enzo Chiavetti. 3275946187

Manulea Visconti. 3891512385

Rosario Brusa. 3407839163

Carla Santos 3713241978

Giusy Militello 3319510704

Michele Micalizzi 3294317719

Francy LB 3922355225

Alex P. 3396145917

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