“A mafia pact between Occhipinti and Lauria”

“Between Giovanni Lauria and Angelo Occhipinti there was a very confidential meeting preceded by a series of contacts and in very particular ways that allowed us to understand that it was a particularly important summit”.

The captain of the carabinieri Francesco Lucarelli, former commander of the Licata Company, who coordinated a segment of the investigations that resulted in the double operation Siege-Halycon, which between July and August 2019 vanquished the new Licata mafia family, tells some background. In this excerpt of the trial, underway before the judges of the first criminal section, chaired by Alfonso Malato, the following defendants are: Angelo Bellavia, 65; Antonino Cusumano, 44 ​​years old; Giovanni Lauria, 79 years old; Antonino Massaro, 61 years old; Salvatore Patriarca, 42 years old; Alberto Riccobene, 53 years old; Gabriele Spiteri, 47 and Vincenzo Spiteri, 53. The disputed accusations are of mafia association and aggravated aiding and abetting. Lucarelli, in previous hearings, had also told of some investigative ideas related to the business of betting machines, managed by the Bellavia, through which, according to the accusation, the clan would have controlled the territory. Other elements concerned the alleged interests of the clan on illegal parking in seaside areas. At the end of his deposition, replying to the defenders, he explained that “even if only one meeting was documented, it is clear that it was a crucial summit with the old mafia member Giovanni Lauria. Occhipinti – he added – after returning to freedom he sought to reaffirm its mafia dominance also by making new agreements “.

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