a long history of funding. Some reflections by Basilio Fioriglio

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We are pleased to learn from the newspaper “Giornale di Sicilia” of 29.07.2022, the important funding committed by the Regional Government, intended for Sicilian Cultural Heritage, of which the € 3.3 million project that sees the Villa Romana del Casale di Piazza Armerina, for the “finally” completion of the four rooms left with the old roof: “perspex slabs” (project by Arch.
Minissi 1957) and without the restoration of the mosaic floors, excluded in the first intervention due to lack of funds.
I refer to the European POR funding of € 18.277.250,00, (Agenda 2000/2006 – January 2003).
The Triclinium, the first room unearthed in 1881 by Eng.
Luigi Pappalardo, with the beautiful mosaic floors with the scenes “of the labors of hercules”, cannot continue to remain closed, not only because it is forbidden to visitors, but due to the particular precarious situation due to many factors, such as the suffering of humidity especially in the points of insufficient drainage, solar radiation on the mosaic carpet etc.
, the two rooms of the baths and the gym, while the whole Villa was completed with the new roof and the restoration of the mosaic floors, designed by Arch.
Guido Meli of the Regional Restoration Center of Palermo.

We leave to lost memory, the long sequence of how many times the admission to the financing has been communicated and then revoked.
We hope that past negative events will make us come out of indifference, perhaps by now due to a certain fatalism we can no longer react to a stalemate.
I like to recall that the first and most important funding POR € and PIT 11 € 6.234.450.00 (year 2003), were obtained thanks to the strong push of citizens, making their voices heard with peaceful demonstrations, worried by the deterioration of the Villa and losing their most precious possession, represented and represents the hope for a secure well-being.
With the clamor aroused by those events, the Regional Councilor AA.BB.CC.
at the time Fabio Granata set up a crisis unit by appointing the famous Gen.
CC to be responsible.
Roberto Conforti, former head of the Nucleus for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, thus begins the beautiful spring, the Councilor himself, always thanks to the strong push of the citizens, finds the important funding.

That the new financing commitment does not remain on paper, and that it will then get lost in the alleys of the long procedural process of the bureaucracy.
It is necessary to make a change by changing methodology, accompanying the correspondence by hand daily in those alleys mentioned above, without losing sight of it for a single day.
The political machine with the resignation of President Musumeci is already at a standstill, but the fact remains that the institutions can guide him and leave him ready, with the assumption that those who will be present in the next Government-Parliament will only have to publish it.
Who most of all must protect the heritage of the territory are the Institutions which, having received the popular mandate, must feel the personal and political imperative to defend the general interest, while we Citizens have the moral obligation to support them in the appropriate places .

So much as a civic and moral duty

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2022-08-09 09:20:00

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