A life dedicated to the least and the poor: meeting with Sister Maria Goretti in Valderice

A moment of spirituality and discussion in the church of Misericordia in Valderice, where Sister Maria Goretti, coordinator of the “Servants of Jesus Poor” Community in Trapani, held a catechesis entitled “Feast of God, father of humanity”.

Of Palermo origins, Sister Maria spent her life alongside the least, the poor, to give a smile, a comfort. She chose to go as a missionary to Africa, but after years of sacrifice and hard work she became seriously ill and she was forced to return to Italy for treatment.

She was saved after long months of suffering but could no longer return to Africa where for years she had been close to sick and abandoned children, to raped and AIDS-sick mothers, to the poor. Today he tries to help those in need through the community in Trapani, giving his smile to lifers, mothers in difficulty, homeless people.

“We have little time to love, our life seems long, but the years fly by – says Sister Maria Goretti in this video -. We live by loving, giving help and comfort to those in need, especially to those who are sick or in bed. hospital. In them it is easier to see Jesus suffering “.

Video by Benedetto Frontini

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