a large painting occupies the staircase

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A pleasant surprise for many, but one that could cause perplexity is the large painting that artists of great San Calogera faith are painting and building, piece by piece, on the steps leading to the sanctuary of San Calò.

A work of art about ten meters by five meters long that depicts the effigy of San Calò and a multicolored doe.

Tonight the artists from Sancalogero are completing the retouching and tomorrow the work will be complete.
We were saying some perplexity because on the sides of the painting there remains a somewhat narrow space to let the saint’s fercolo pass, unless the bearers do not make it spin again on the staircase with those back-and-forth movements that aroused concern for the safety of the same.

A young painter we spoke to confirms that everything has been foreseen and that the fercolo will pass quietly on one of the sides of the stairway left free.

The painting of San Calò

It remains to be seen this year how the restrictions that the Church has set up with the prohibition of hugs to the statue of San Calò will be accepted, which together with the throwing of the loaves has diminished traditions that were previously allowed (or tolerated?).

Who knows if this year what many called “the brief happy resurrection of the people of San Calò” will be compromised or take other paths.

But San Calò has its reasons that reason does not know.

Photo by Diego Romeo

Sicilian news 2022-06-29 01:08:00

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