“A historic asset returned to citizens”

Drafting 15 September 2021 11:05

Share “With the evacuation of the Auro social center, one of the biggest open wounds in Catania is put to an end and a historic eighteenth-century building is returned to the entire citizenry”. This is what Dario Moscato, GN Regional Coordinator declares, who adds: “An applause must be addressed to the police who this morning put an end to a massacre that penalized the entire historic center of the Etna capital. The Mayor Pogliese deserves the credit for having worked in every way so that the building, from a place of illegality and drug dealing, could return to new life and transformed into a reference point for Catania residents and tourists “. Andrea Girlando and Paolo Balestrazzi, respectively municipal coordinator and provincial coordinator GN Catania, are also on the same wavelength, reiterating how “the situation in which the historic eighteenth-century building has lived in recent years is absolutely unacceptable. The Mayor Pogliese had the political merit of putting an end to a system of absolute illegality that created many problems for the safety, decorum and livability of what has all the effects is a jewel set in the historic center of Catania “.