a great old man reappears in Brancaccio

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PALERMO – There is a great old man on whom the attention of Brancaccio is concentrated.
In the list of people with whom Sandro Capizzi, boss of Villagrazia, used to meet, there is a character with a cumbersome past.
This is Giuseppe Battaglia, 84, cited in the information of the investigators.

He was the trusted man of Michele Graviano, the father of the murderers Giuseppe and Filippo.
The repentant Gaspare Spatuzza, who was at home in Brancaccio, has reconstructed the criminal profile.
Some stages are known to the judicial news.

After the first crimes – robberies and thefts – committed starting from the 70s – for Battaglia the time came for the leap in quality and the indictment for mafia association in the maxi-trial.
He was no longer, at least not only, the anonymous owner of a coffee shop in Piazza Scaffa.
When in 1997 they went to knock on the door of his home to arrest him, he had gone into hiding.

They found him seven years later, in 2002, in an apartment in the Cep ward.
On the list of fugitives, he was in twenty-ninth place.
The flying squad agents tracked him down following his daughter-in-law who brought him food and clothes.

The accusation of having murdered Francesco Adelfio, who was a fishmonger by trade, also rained down on him.
It was the Eighties and in Palermo you could die even if you were alone, so said the repentant Giovanni Drago, because there was public satisfaction at the arrest of the uncle of a mafia member of the Lucchese family.

After life imprisonment in the first degree, Battaglia was acquitted on appeal.
In between there was also the retraction of his son, Fedele, who first made confessions and then said that they were the fruit of his imagination.

In 2010 Giuseppe Battaglia finished serving his sentence.
Today he reappears on the scene while he meets Sandro Capizzi.
Meetings on which in-depth studies are underway in a historical moment in which, as has emerged in other cases, the new recruits seem to have nostalgia for the past, for the glories of a Cosa Nostra weakened by arrests.

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