A good first half is not enough, Palermo doesn’t go beyond 0-0 with Como: whistles from Barbera

After four months in the league, Palermo’s first half surprises everyone with its intensity and quality. But that’s not enough: against Como in the home postponement of the sixteenth day of Serie B it ends 0-0. The first 45 minutes give thrills and high intensity from side to side. In the second half he is the Palermo of all time: confused, disoriented, not very concrete. Simply put, soporific.
The first ten minutes are very intense, but the first real chance of the match comes from Palermo, and arrives in the eleventh minute:: Segre’s header from Di Mariano’s cross hits the post. Two minutes later Como replies with Mancuso who touches the net face to face with Pigliacelli.

In the 18th minute Sala’s insidious cross at the far post, the ball ending up on Di Mariano’s feet (now top right) who crosses hard in the middle but the ball is then removed. Towards the end of the first half, in the 34th minute Como also made themselves dangerous with a left-footed shot from Mancuso and with the ball going just over the top. Pigliacelli was motionless.
Three minutes later Sala, after the foray on the wing, crossed in the middle for Brunori who, with his back to goal, serves Vido: the former Atalanta shoots weakly and Vigorito saves without problems.

The last delicious opportunity of the first half comes in the 43rd minute for Como: Cutrone shoots diagonally and the ball goes just wide with Pigliacelli beaten. Damiani had lost a bloody ball in midfield. If the first half was football, the second looks like a copy of many other Palermo matches, essentially not very convincing. In the 51st minute, following a cross from Vido Segre, he headed the ball just wide. Up until the 63rd minute the match fell asleep and the two teams played a lot in midfield. In the 63rd minute Mancuso nearly took the lead for the Lombards: a right-footed shot that ends just wide. The Barbera falls silent for a few seconds.

With thirteen minutes left until added time, Brunori, now subdued, finished off Sala’s cross sending the ball into the lineout. In the 89th minute Stulac kicked hard from 25 meters and the ball grazed the top corner, Barbera stood up, but it was only an illusory effect.

The whistles return to the triple whistle – not bombastic – from the over 17,000 present at Barbera this evening. A much less entertaining second half and, certainly, with far fewer chances. Palermo finds a point after the victory in Benevento and reaches Cagliari in 12th position with 19 points. Maybe another untapped opportunity, or maybe the confirmation that this team is like this: lots of lows, some highs, but a lot of mediocrity. A race that could and perhaps should have been won. But the final act leaves a bad taste in the mouth as often this year.

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