A gas cylinder explodes in a house in Adrano: flat destroyed, 2 injured

A strong explosion destroyed an apartment in Adranoon Via Vittorio Emanuele. As it seems from the first surveys, a gas cylinder in a house exploded. A very loud roar was heard from far away. In the explosion, the apartment was destroyed and, in addition to the explosion, the flames invested those who lived in the house. The rescuers of 118, the forces of order and the firefighters arrived on the spot. The apartment was inhabited by non-EU citizens.

A Moroccan citizen was buried in the rubble and was rescued by firefighters. The man, who had burns and various wounds, was transported to the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania. A compatriot who was present in the same apartment left in time after the explosion, but felt ill and collapsed to the ground. He too was rescued by 118 health workers and was taken to the Biancavilla hospital because he had symptoms of intoxication due to the smoke from the explosion.

During the night, the firefighters evacuated the adjacent houses to check their stability.

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