a conference on the results achieved and the objectives to be achieved

Editorial staff 16 September 2021 10:22

Share Gangi water is safe and drinkable: a first result achieved by the municipal administration. An age-old problem that occurs in some months of the year, especially in winter, when the waters have a concentration in micrograms of aluminum and iron above the threshold, due to the run-off of the ground by rainwater. The municipal administration has recently entrusted TWS SpA, a company of the Acea group, with the executive design of a selective purification plant for the aluminum component that will leave the nature of the water unaltered. In recent months, the Municipality has prepared a series of study interventions and laboratory tests that have been entrusted for the scientific part to a team of the University of Palermo, coordinated by Professor Salvatore Nicosia who will continue his activity in coordination with the design group appointed in order to obtain the best solution to definitively resolve the problem. In fact, technicians of high national level are identifying a definitive resolution that maintains the purity and quality of the water and cancels the contamination of aluminum with a sustainable, efficient and zero-impact system for citizens. Dr. Luca Lucentini, director of the water and health department of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, also took part in the conference, organized last September 14 in the presence of citizens, private partners and the Municipality of Gangi. by the municipal administration has been virtuous and complies with the new regulatory indications on water safety. “The pandemic year has slowed down a path that we hoped to close earlier, but we are even more determined than before in trying to reach the best solution that puts an end to the ordinances of non-potable water – explains the mayor Francesco Paolo Migliazzo -. It will take a few months before we have an executive project of a possible plant but the road is marked. I publicly thank my councilor, the engineer Giandomenico Lo Pizzo and the manager of the public works sector, the engineer Cataldo, for the work done to date. Anadaloro “, concludes the first citizen satisfied with the success of one of the programmatic commitments of the political agenda.

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