74-year-old dies after two days of agony: fatal impact of his motorcycle against a car in Messina.

74-year-old Letterio Bensaia has died at the Policlinico hospital in Messina, Italy, after sustaining injuries in a road accident. Bensaia, a former traffic officer, was riding his motorcycle when it collided with an Alfa Romeo car near Spartà. The impact was severe, causing Bensaia to be thrown from his bike and land violently on the ground. Passersby alerted emergency services, and Bensaia was initially treated at the Papardo hospital before being transferred to the Policlinico. Despite a delicate surgical intervention, he did not survive. The local police are investigating the accident, and the 50-year-old driver of the car is now being investigated for manslaughter.

Messina, 74enne muore dopo due giorni di agonia: fatale l’impatto della sua moto contro un’auto

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