7-year-old child gets lost in Marina di Ragusa, found by the police

A family on vacation in Marina di Ragusa experienced a terrifying moment when their 7-year-old child wandered off and got lost in the streets of the seaside resort. The police found the child safe and sound, but the parents went through a distressing experience. The incident happened near Piazza Dogana, when the parents had to take their other child to the medical center for a small health issue. In the commotion, they lost sight of their child, who became disoriented and started wandering the streets. A call was made to emergency services, and a search was immediately launched. The police found the child in tears and provided comfort and safety. Shortly after, the child was able to reunite with their parents, who were staying in a bed and breakfast.

Bimbo di 7 anni si perde a Marina di Ragusa, ritrovato dalla polizia

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