7 sentences and 3 acquittals

To replenish the rather disastrous coffers of Cosa Nostra, the Corso Calatafimi clan, led by the boss Filippo Annatelli, would have launched into drug trafficking. A business that had been dismantled in July of last year, with the “Eride” blitz of the carabinieri . This morning the magistrate Simone Alecci, who tried a total of 10 defendants with the abbreviated rite, inflicted 7 sentences – including the very heavy one at 20 years for Annatelli – but also decided to acquit 3 other people, who then returned free.

The wiretapping: “We lost 35 thousand euros, but we put the money for the prisoners out of our own pocket” Specifically, the judge accepted the requests of the deputy prosecutor Salvatore De Luca and of the substitutes Dario Scaletta and Federica La Chioma, who had coordinated the investigations, as well as for Annatelli, also for Salvatore Mirino ( 14 years in prison), Giuseppe Massa (12 years), Paolo Correnti and Francesco Li Vigni (both were given 11 years of imprisonment) and Giovanni Granatelli (9 years). Finally 2 years, with the suspension of the sentence, for Ferdinando Giardina, who was released from prison (the request for sentencing was 11 years). Moreover, Annatelli had already been arrested in the “Cupola 2.0” maxiblitz and on 3 December, as part of this trial, he was sentenced, again with the abbreviation, to 13 years and 4 months in first instance. On the other hand, Enrico Scalavino (the prosecutors had asked for 20 years of imprisonment for him too), Vincenzo Cascio (the request was for 10 years and 8 months) and Andrè Mattia Cinà were totally exonerated. The defendants are defended by lawyers Antonio Turrisi, Matteo La Barbera, Stefano Santoro, Michele Giovinco, Nino Pisciotta and Tommaso De Lisi.

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