7 facing trial for managing illegal activities in prison with cell phones: San Cataldo, the names.

They were receiving and using cell phones and sim cards inside San Cataldo prison to continue communicating with the outside world and manage illicit activities: the prosecutor of the Republic of Caltanissetta has ordered the trial of seven inmates.

The accused are Antonino Manganello, 51 years old, from Palma; Giuseppe Carità, 39 years old, from Licata; Calogero Falzone, 39 years old, from Sciacca; Kevin Bonfiglio, 30 years old, from Catania; Maicol Amico, 32 years old, from San Cataldo; Antonino Bongiovanni, 40 years old, from Messina and Giuseppe Giannone, 43 years old, from Caltanissetta.

They are accused of receiving and using cell phones and sim cards illegally brought into the penitentiary. The incident dates back to the summer of 2021 when an operation was launched with some precautionary measures. Public prosecutor Piera Anzalone hypothesizes that the defendants are guilty of the crime of “undue access to communication devices by detained individuals”, recently introduced and punishable by a sentence of up to 4 years of imprisonment. The pre-trial hearing is scheduled for September 11th in front of Judge Giulia Zappalà.

San Cataldo, ricevevano in carcere telefonini per gestire traffici illeciti: 7 a giudizio I NOMI

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