686 migrants landed, 5 taken to the outpatient clinic, 1,091 to the hotspot

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 07:37

Share 686 migrants landed in Lampedusa after the 15-meter fishing boat landed at the island’s commercial dock last night. The disembarkation operations, which include a first medical triage directly at the port, ended just before one in the morning. Five migrants were taken to the island’s outpatient clinic because they were sick. An old iron fishing boat arrives in Lampedusa: there are over 500 migrants on board The 686 were found to be from Egypt, Chad, Morocco, Syria, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Senegal. The fishing boat, which had been intercepted by the patrol boats of the Guardia di Finanza and the Capitaneria 8 miles from the coast, left from Zuwara, Libya. All migrants were taken to the hotspot in the Imbriacola district where, at the moment, there are 1,091 people out of the 250 places available.

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