6 thousand jobs to be created in Sicily in the next two years with the Strait Bridge.

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The impact on GDP of the Bridge is significant, as two training schools are being set up, one in Calabria, the other near Catania. The Bocconi University predicts an employment impact of around 120 thousand people, with a peak of 8 thousand people expected to be directly employed by the Bridge, in addition to suppliers. It is estimated that 6 thousand people will be employed in Sicily in the next two years. The CEO of Webuild, Pietro Salini, also mentioned the movement of goods and trains that will be facilitated by the Bridge.

Regarding the risk of mafia infiltrations, Salini stated that it is more prevalent in smaller projects, whereas larger companies with transparent and legal protocols are less susceptible. He mentioned the need for employment in the South and the appointment of Gianni de Gennaro as head of the Eurolink consortium.

Salini reassured that the suspension bridge would withstand even a stronger earthquake than the 1908 Messina earthquake. He also mentioned that the bridge is designed to withstand wind gusts up to 300 km/h, while the highest recorded in the last 100 years was 100 km/h for a brief period. Salini expressed readiness to discuss these technical aspects with Elly Schlein, the Secretary of the Democratic Party.

Dal Ponte sullo Stretto 6 mila occupati in Sicilia nei prossimi due anni

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