5 workers acquitted after 10 years, not guilty of stealing diesel from Rap in Palermo.

The third section of the court in Palermo acquitted five workers from the company responsible for urban hygiene in the Sicilian capital, Rap. They were accused of stealing diesel fuel and various materials belonging to the company. Many of the charges were time-barred (dating back more than ten years), but the court examined the case and found the workers – Vittoriano Muscarello, Walter Rocca, Giuseppe Di Giovanni, Maurizio Vella, and Giuseppe Assennato – not guilty. Some of them had chosen not to rely on the statute of limitations. Fourteen other people were also involved in the investigation and were tried under an abbreviated procedure, resulting in some convictions and some acquittals.

Non rubarono gasolio alla Rap di Palermo, 5 operai assolti dopo 10 anni

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