5 subjects arrested for various crimes

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The operators of the Flying Squad of the Trapani Police Headquarters have drawn in I arrest five people, in recent days.

Were arrested 3 foreign citizens who are recipients of re-entry bans, traced by the Port Authority off the coast of Pantelleria.

The agents of the State Police, at the end of grueling identification procedures, identified them among the numerous Tunisian migrants, then subjected them to the measure.

The cops also executed an or Prison order issued against another Tunisian citizen, following a conviction for theft, pronounced by the court of Florence.

He ended up in jail, finally, a twenty-three year old convicted from Trapani, to which the agents of the Flying Squad have notified a prison order issued by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, as an accumulation of the penalties inflicted by the Court of Trapani for various crimes committed by the young man, including attempted murder, personal injury, illegal carrying of weapons, resistance to a public official and evasion.

Sicilian news 2022-07-01 09:42:00

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