48% less than 7 days ago

Drafting 27 September 2021 12:03

Share Slows down the spread of the epidemic in Sicily. The confirmation came from the data released yesterday – Sunday 26 September 2021 – by the Civil Protection Department. “The week just ended – they write from the Statistics Office of the Municipality – confirms and strengthens the trend towards a slowdown in the spread of Covid in Sicily: the new positives, the current positives, the hospitalized (ordinary and in intensive care), the new admissions to intensive care and deaths. In the week just ended, the new positives in Sicily amounted to 3,377, 23.8% less than the previous week, when a decrease of 29.1% had already been recorded. The ratio between positive swabs and swabs performed also decreased, from 3.6% to 3.1%. At the moment the number of current positives is 17.003, 4.033 less than the previous week. Here are the other data: people in home isolation are 16,396 (-3,882). The hospitalized are 607, of which 73 in intensive care. Compared to the previous week, they decreased by 151 units (the number of people admitted to intensive care decreased by 28 units). In the week just ended, 26 new admissions to intensive care were registered (48% less). From the Department of Civil Protection add other data: “The number of healed (272,734) increased by 7,318 units compared to the previous week. The percentage of healed out of the total positive is equal to 92% (90.5% last Sunday). The number of dead people recorded in the week was equal to 92 (against 116 in the previous week). Due to some recount, the provisional number of dead people attributable to the week just ended is however 49. Overall, the dead people are 6,785, and the lethality rate (deaths / total positives) is equal to 2.3% (like last week). The total number of hospitalized patients represent 3.6% of the current positives (those hospitalized in intensive care 0.4%) “.

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