4000 street vendors disappeared in Sicily in 10 years, Confimprese: “Changing the market conception”

In the last ten years, approximately 4,000 mobile businesses have disappeared in Sicily, with 939 of them vanishing in the last 15 months, equivalent to more than two businesses per day. In 2014, there were 21,356 mobile businesses in Sicily, which dropped to 17,701 in 2022. Palermo also experienced a decrease, from 6,810 in 2014 to 5,155 in March 2023. This trend prompted Confimprese to propose changes to the concept of markets in order to reverse the negative trend, including working on locations and operating hours. They are also asking the region to allow for at least five special markets per year, as well as extending operating hours, with the hope of turning these proposals into regional law.

In Sicilia spariti quattromila ambulanti in 10 anni, Confimprese: «Modificare la concezione di mercato»

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