40 guests escape from Contrada Milo migrant center in Trapani

A fire broke out near the Cie of contrada Milo, the migrant repatriation center in Trapani on Thursday around 8pm. The fire may have been a diversion, and investigations are ongoing. During the night, about forty guests from sector D escaped from the facility. Some detainees from sectors E and F broke the glass in sector D and, along with others from that sector, managed to open the gates. There were 140 detainees inside the Cie, and only a team of 10 men and some military personnel were present for security. Attempts to escape were also made from sector C but were stopped using fire hoses. The police unions had previously highlighted some security flaws in the center.

Centro migranti di Trapani, 40 ospiti fuggiti da contrada Milo

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