4 mobile phones discovered inside prison cell walls

Once again, a cell phone seizure has occurred at the Enna prison. During a routine search, prison police officers found 4 cell phones hidden in the cell walls. The investigators, who have informed the Prosecutor’s Office of the discovery, have launched an investigation to try to reconstruct how the phones were introduced into the prison. Attention is now focused on incoming and outgoing calls, as well as messages, where there may be interesting content from an investigative standpoint. In recent weeks, a joint operation between the prison police and the state police found more phones and drugs in the possession of at least 4 inmates, who were then transferred to other Sicilian prisons. The joint operation was a continuation of the prison’s ongoing investigations, which were linked to the arrest of two individuals outside the prison who were caught trying to deliver drugs inside the prison using a drone. The ongoing investigations aim to shed light on a possible trafficking operation run by a group from Catania. In recent weeks, searches have been carried out in a municipality in the hinterland of Mount Etna in the homes of families of some inmates held in Enna and in some residences where relatives of inmates hosted in the Enna prison apparently live.

Enna, scoperti 4 telefonini nei muri delle celle del carcere

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