39-year-old Licata man shot in the head by a gun: father arrested

After a 39-year-old man arrived at the emergency room in Licata with a gunshot wound, an investigation was immediately launched. The carabinieri arrested the man’s 67-year-old father, who had allegedly fired a illegally held gun. The hospital, where the son had sought treatment for a grazing head wound, raised the alarm. Police searched the father’s home and found a .38 special revolver with an erased serial number on top of a wardrobe. The details of the incident are still unclear, and investigations are ongoing to determine when the shot was fired. The father has been arrested for illegal possession of a firearm and has been transferred to a prison in Agrigento pending a hearing.

Licata, trentanovenne ferito alla testa da un colpo di pistola: arrestato il padre

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