26-year-old arrested for drug dealing with drugs and money in Audi in Misilmeri

He was stopped by the carabinieri for a check in Misilmeri and was found in possession of drugs and money. A twenty-six-year-old boy from Villabate, accused of drug dealing, ended up in handcuffs. He was in his Audi when the military carried out a search and found two hundred grams of hashish ready to be sold. The young man also had banknotes of various denominations worth hundreds of euros, money considered to be the result of drug dealing activity.

The arrest was validated and house arrest was ordered for him. Yesterday, March 28, the carabinieri operation led to the identification of three other alleged drug dealers. Controls, triggered by reports from several residents, allowed for the seizure of approximately 100 grams of cocaine, hashish, and marijuana and the reporting of 9 drug users to the prefect. The young people were caught selling drugs to customers near nightclubs. In addition to drugs, they had money from drug dealing activities.

The transactions took place in an alley near Piazza Comitato 1860. In one case, one of the young people stopped by the carabinieri tried to resist the check by reacting against the military with threats and resistance, before being taken to the barracks. Also at home, during the search, precision scales and materials for packaging the doses were found. The judge of the court of Termini Imerese validated the arrests.

Misilmeri, sull’Audi con droga e soldi: un ragazzo di 26 anni arrestato per spaccio

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