23-year-old man arrested for drug trafficking in Catania’s fortified home, along with two younger brothers.

Three drug dealers, a 23-year-old man and two underage brothers, were arrested by the Carabinieri of the investigative unit of Catania during a drug operation in the historic district of San Cristoforo in the city of Catania.

The military, taking advantage of the entrance of a buyer, managed to break into an apartment that had been transformed into a base for drug dealing and was protected by a gate and a reinforced door. On a table there was the drugs to be sold: around 15 grams of cocaine, ten of crack and 70 of marijuana. Also seized were 150 euros that one of the brothers had in his pocket, considered proceeds from drug dealing.

The judicial authority validated the three arrests and ordered pre-trial detention in prison for the adult and in a juvenile detention center for the two brothers.

Catania, nella casa blindata un centro per lo spaccio di droga: arrestato giovane di 23 anni con i due fratelli minorenni

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