23 Covid precarious zooprophylactic contracts excluded from the extension

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No extension of contracts for the 23 drive-in workers of the Sicilian Zooprophylactic Institute in via Marinuzzi.
In the contractual renewal envisaged for the approximately 9,000 temporary workers of the Covid emergency among health care, doctors and administrators, decided by the regional council with the circular signed by the councilor for Health Ruggero Razza, they were not included.

The cold shower for the precarious

Yesterday, for the workers, after hours of anxiety waiting for the renewal but with the awareness of the excellent work done, the cold shower arrived.
Their contracts were not renewed.
And as of today, the 23 operators, including biologists, laboratory technicians and veterinarians, have been unemployed.
In their place, other staff was sent by the ASP to ensure continuity in the garrison set up in front of the entrance to the Zooprophylactic Institute.
In these 3 months they have been engaged at the dive in of the IZS Sicily for the execution of rapid antigen tests and have performed 25 thousand swabs.
And before, in these two years of pandemic, at work for the Asp of Trapani, Agrigento, Palermo, Caltanissetta, Enna they processed more than 95 thousand molecular swabs and were involved in the genomic extraction, sequencing, isolation of viral strains, the execution and interpretation of virological, serological and biomolecular tests.

The CGIL asks for an immediate extension

The Fp CGIL Palermo intervenes on the matter, asking for the immediate extension of the contracts.
“They are workers who have provided a fundamental service for the city of Palermo in a critical phase of the pandemic, guaranteeing a service that is useful and open to all – the general secretary Giovanmni Cammuca and Andrea Gattuso declare for the Fp Cgil Palermo – The umpteenth heroes of the pandemic which has been given the welcome.
On the 29th we asked for a meeting with the Department and the Institute, to reiterate the request for an extension of the contracts.
The rebound of responsibility between the institute’s disputes and the Health Department, on ownership of the expenditure for staff salaries, cannot be passed on to workers.
They were hired with a co.coco contract after participating in a competition and included in the official rankings between June 2020 and June 2021.
They performed an excellent service.
And from today, instead of returning to work with the renewed contract, they were put at the door ”.

The workers were included in the circular

“The Zooprophylactic Institute has entrenched itself behind regulatory and economic obstacles, in order not to renew their contracts.
And we say that if there were economic problems, he should have solved them in time – add Cammuca and Gattuso – The Councilorship, in the circular announcing the extension for all precarious workers of the health emergency, had also mentioned these workers, which in the end were not understood for reasons that we consider only instrumental.
The problem of resources should have been addressed in time ”.

“The circular lacks directives and now there is chaos in companies.
We need clarity “.

“Reduction of hours for most of the workers, contracts extended for two to three months and others even until next December.
In short, the staff employed for the Covid emergency, about nine thousand doctors, nurses and administrators, have been living in total chaos for a few days.
That is, since the circular of the councilor Razza was issued, necessary for a reshaping of the sector and for the stabilization of precarious workers “.
The alarm was raised by the secretaries of Uil and Uil Fpl Sicily, Luisella Lionti and Enzo Tango, who explain: “There is total confusion in companies.
There are no stakes and precise indications that lead, therefore, to different behaviors and decisions, leaving these workers in limbo, who have always been at the forefront of the pandemic.
It is necessary to order.
We positively assessed the council’s commitment to issue directives to stabilize the staff hired to deal with the Covid emergency.
But now we await clear, homogeneous answers that do not lend themselves to discretionary if not arbitrary interpretations ”.

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