22-year-old missing swimmer found dead in Messina

The search for a 22-year-old who went missing while swimming with friends in Messina yesterday afternoon has ended tragically, as he was found dead. The divers from the carabinieri, along with the coast guard and firefighters, discovered the body near the San Francesco bay after thoroughly searching the surrounding water. The Ivorian national’s body was found just a few meters from the shore of Ringo beach. The young man had jumped into the water with two friends but failed to resurface. The three individuals had difficulty returning to the beach in front of the Ringo village. One of the young men was helped by some beachgoers, another made it back alone, and the third remained missing. One of the two who made it ashore injured himself by hitting the rocks. The alarm was raised by the people who were with him and some bystanders. The search continued tirelessly throughout the afternoon until the tragic discovery.

Messina, ritrovato morto il 22enne scomparso in mare dopo un tuffo

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