21 people reported, ecstasy, marijuana and hashish seized – Giornale Nisseno

Caltanissetta, rave party: 21 people reported, ecstasy, marijuana and hashish seized

The agents of the flying section on Saturday night interrupted an abusive rave party that was taking place in a state-owned area of ​​the Nissena countryside with participants from different parts of the island.

The policemen of the flying section reported to the local Public Prosecutor’s Office in a state of freedom twenty-one people, mostly twenty-year-olds, for the crime of land invasion. The aforementioned were also administratively sanctioned for violation of the containment measures of the Covid 19 epidemic. On Saturday night, the crews of the State Police intervened in the Stretto Garibaldi district, in the Nissena countryside, because numerous cars had been reported that during the restriction time, well after 10 pm, they passed along the provincial road 202, an artery that was generally not busy. The agents, having reached a state-owned wooded area from which very loud music was arriving, found that a rave party was taking place in a dirt square in which a mini bar had been set up for the consumption of alcoholic beverages and a station with mixer and loudspeakers. At the sight of the police, many participants made a hasty flight to the surrounding countryside but twenty-one of them were blocked and identified by the agents. Among them was identified the organizer of the abusive event, a twenty-six year old from Nyssa, burdened by police prejudices and orally warned by the Quaestor of Caltanissetta, owner of the sound equipment. Most of the people identified are between twenty and thirty years old, a forty year old and a fifty year old; coming, as well as from Caltanissetta, from different parts of the island: Catania, Ragusa, Vittoria, Messina, Agrigento and Sciacca. There are several offenders for possession and personal use of drugs and those also burdened by specific precedents for invasion of land or buildings and for having participated in other similar events. Following the inspection of the surrounding places, also repeated on Sunday morning, the agents found and seized various doses of drugs against unknown persons, abandoned on the ground during the escape: thirty-three tablets of ecstasy, different doses of marijuana and hashish. Marijuana and hashish for personal use were also seized against two twenty-year-olds who, in addition to the complaint for land invasion and the sanction for the violation of the Covid 19 containment measures, will be reported for possession of narcotic substances for personal use. Further investigations are underway aimed at identifying other participants in the event.

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