21 doses of cocaine to be sold found in a pouch: one arrest in Catania

In Catania, a 31-year-old man was arrested by the police for possession of drugs with the intent of selling. During a nighttime checkpoint in Piazza della Repubblica, the police stopped a scooter with a man and a woman on board. The driver, acting suspiciously, threw a transparent bag on the ground containing 21 doses of cocaine. Further investigation revealed 20 doses of marijuana hidden in the scooter. The man, who had previous drug-related and property crime charges, was also found to be in violation of his special surveillance measures. He was arrested for drug trafficking and for breaking the terms of his surveillance. The drugs, money, and scooter were seized by the police.

Nel marsupio 21 dosi di cocaina da smerciare: un arresto a Catania

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