2022 budget of the Region at risk, even today few deputies at the ARS: session postponed

The regional budget of 2022 is at risk. There are still too few regional parliamentarians in the classroom, so the president of Ars, Gianfranco Miccichè, was forced to postpone the session once again. Not before, however, having addressed an appeal to the opposition: “Although the responsibility for keeping the quorum lies with the majority – he said – I ask the opposition parties to be present tomorrow for the vote on the 2019 report”.

The document, after a contested judgment of equalization by the Court of Auditors, which continues to be debated, must now be approved by the regional parliament. Without the green light to the text, the settlement, the 2022 budget and other fundamental rules would be blocked to move forward with the legislature. But the political clash, in view of next year’s regional elections, is already open. In the classroom today there was all the government staff, starting with the president of the region, Nello Musumeci, and the vice president Gaetano Armao, councilor for the economy. Nerves tense, while the president of Sala d’Ercole was trying to retrieve “some of our” from the corridors to reach the fateful number of 32 deputies, necessary to be able to vote. Nothing done. In particular, the Lega benches remained empty: the party’s relations with the Musumeci government are still very tense. To government representatives who harshly criticized the behavior of the opposition, such as the commissioner for productive activities, Mimmo Turano, Micciché responded directly in his capacity as guarantor of the regional assembly: “They have every right to use the tools at their disposal, but I’m asking for an effort of responsibility. I make this prayer with courtesy ”. The classroom, therefore, only approved an agenda, supported by all the parliamentary groups, on the dispute involving the workers of the Almaviva call center following the transition from Alitalia to Ita. Almaviva, Miccichè will write to the government national The attempt, once again unsuccessful, is to approve the 2019 report before a new “stop” arrives from the accounting judiciary. A few days ago, it was the Attorney General of the Court of Auditors who put their hands on the conclusions filed on the appeal filed against the parification of the document, albeit partial, made by the assembled Sections. According to the deputy attorneys general Adelisa Corsetti and Sabrina D’Alesio, the Sicilian Region would have tried to accelerate the approval of the bill of the report, approving it last September 7th after having obtained the partial parification, and transmitting to Ars for the final go-ahead. “The intent of the regional administration to perfect the regional legislative procedure without waiting for the pronouncement of this Supreme Council – reads the document – highlights that the eventual approval of the regional report pending the decision on the proposed appeal would give rise to a vulnus of protection”. And the Institutional Affairs Commission was also involved in the political conflict, even today, like the classroom, in the absence of a quorum. The president Stefano Pellegrino, however, is not there and announces the hard fist: “If this situation is repeated tomorrow, from Monday onwards I will convene the session every day. Also because then the terms expire and there is a silent assent which for me is an unacceptable administrative pathology “. “Sos the majority sought at Ars! Even today in the Sala d’Ercole we have witnessed the liquefaction of the deputies who support the Musumeci government: absent and the classroom postponed due to lack of a quorum. Yet a financial document of some importance had to be voted on, the 2019 report. All this is not acceptable, Musumeci draws your conclusions ”, declares the regional secretary of PD Sicily, Anthony Barbagallo. “Musumeci cannot think – he concludes – of going on like this until the next elections, do it for the good of the island: resign and close it here”. “The internal struggles with the majority – say the deputies of the M5S at the Ars – clearly have repercussions in the parliamentary work, which has in fact been frozen for months. Today Musumeci has not managed to pick up a shred of quorum even though he has forced almost all of his councilors. It went worse in the first committee, where the expected appointments drag on from week to week without being able to find the minimum number to be able to vote for them. The absurd thing is that the opposition is asked to be responsible. But if the majority has other things to think about and snubs the important votes in the classroom, it is certainly not our fault “.

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